Part 1

Geared for pre-school/kindergarten aged children, Jessica brings "Musical Story Time" to schools in New York and New Jersey.  Program includes a brief description of different instruments, interactive games (learning about different musical sounds), and features a short popular story (i.e. Dr. Seuss or P.D.Eastman)  that shows the children how music and words can work together.  At the end of the program, children participate in a short sing along!


Part 2

The series continues for children from Grades 1-5 with more attention to the different families of instruments (winds, brass, percussion, strings).  Stories are more sophisticated as the grade level increases, and conversations/questions are encouraged after the program.





Jessica has been writing a series of works to encourage creative listening for children and families.  If interested in bringing a concert to your school or community, please use the CONTACT page



In this teaching method, students learn to feel rhythm by experiencing music through movement.


Classes can be held for children of any age, starting with young children all the way through high school students looking to develop their musicality.






Jessica offers Clarinet Classes to Middle School and High School students.Classes include proper breathing methods, lessons on developing tone, and bringing out musicality.  Chamber Music Coachings help students learn how to work together and develop their ensemble skills.



If interested in bringing these classes to your school or community center, please use the CONTACT page.

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