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In these highly interactive classes, students will learn the basics of music appreciation and theory.  Jessica has created many lectures and seminars that can be used individually or as part of a series.  If interested in programming the lectures or series at your community center or school, please use the CONTACT page.


For the music novice, or the seasoned classical music lover, Jessica Davy will take you on a musical journey where you are bound to enjoy many different styles of music. Students will learn about music of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods giving a brief history on the composers and styles of music.  From learning the form of a Symphony, Discovering the role of the Orchestra and Conductor, exploring the Music or Pirates and Sea Adventures, to falling in love with 19th Century Romantic music, Jessica's classes has something special for everyone.

Jessica's unique approach to teaching has been acclaimed by many different audiences, and she looks forward to sharing her love of music with the community.


Examples of classes include:

Classical Music through the Ages
Let's explore the world of classical music! Students are introduced to classical music as a whole, and breaks down music into different eras including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary. Learn about Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven- and much more! At the end of each section there is a "name that tune", where students discover they know more than they realize!

Exploring Classical Music
From large, glamorous operas to intimate chamber music performances, the world of classical music has many art forms that has inspired audiences throughout the ages.  Learn about the basic musical foundation and the differences between the symphony, opera, songs and sonatas.  We will listen to and watch examples each genre’s most beloved works from Mozart’s symphonies to Rossini's opera arias!

I Hear a Symphony!  Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1
In this class, Jessica will teach you how to follow and understand a Symphony making your concert experiences even more fulfilling. Learn about the three planes of active listening as we explore numerous works by composers including Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak and Brahms. We will then watch and analyze Beethoven's Symphony No. 1 (Leonard Bernstein with Vienna Philharmonic) and learn how a Symphony is structured, what a "movement" is, and how to really feel the music!

Composers & Concertos: and the Virtuosi who Bring them to Life!
Since the Age of Enlightenment, the Concerto has been a great musical force that connects the composer, music, and virtuosic performers with the audience.  From Bach's Brandenburg Concerto to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and from Mozart's Concertos to Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, Jessica will take you on a music journey exploring the forms, styles, and range of emotions established in this incredible musical form.

Romantic Heart Throbs of the 19th Century
Fall in love with the music of the great 19th Century Composers and learn how the world of music changed after Beethoven's 9th Symphony. From intimate chamber music in salons, the large orchestration of symphonies, and tremendous variety in opera, and ballet, uncover the beauty and passion from the Romantic Era.  In this class we will explore the music of Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky Korsakov, and more!

Love Notes:  Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique
What happened after Beethoven’s 9th Symphony? In this class, we talk about the two major directions music went in and talk about the composers including Brahms, Wagner, Liszt and Tchaikovsky, who shaped the styles of Absolute and Program Music. Using Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, we will learn how these composers used music and the instruments of the orchestra to tell a story.

Behind the Curtain:  The Orchestra and Conductor
Since the 17th Century the Conductor has been an integral part of the orchestra, but what do they really do? In this class, Jessica will introduce the structure of the symphonic orchestra and demystify the concept of the Conductor, showing how they shape the music we love. We will learn about role of the conductor and show you examples of how each conductor such as Leonard Bernstein, Arturo Toscanini, and Herbert van Karajan, have each left their mark in the music world. Get ready for a few surprises for the end of the class!

Love Songs:  from Opera to Broadway
From Opera to Broadway, in this class we will learn about some of the most famous love songs of all time!  Listen to your favorite singers, including Pavarotti, Maria Callas, Renee Fleming and more sing songs of Mozart, Puccini and Rossini.  As we approach the Broadway Musicals of the 1950s and 60s, enjoy a "Name That Tune" game to discuss the Golden Era of Broadway!


Ahoy! Swashbuckling Musical Adventures
Come aboard the Jolly Roger for a journey throughout classical music that has been inspired by pirates, adventure and the sea!  From Symphonic works to Broadway, many composers have created music that bring the stories of the sea to life.  In this class we will look into pieces including Rimsky-Korsakov's "Sheherazade", Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzanze", Mendelssohn's "Hebrides" Overture, Debussy's "La Mer", and Bernstein’s "Peter Pan".  Get ready for an epic adventure!

Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales and Music
Once Upon a Time… when you hear those words you know that something magical is about to begin.  Let your imagination take you somewhere far, far away with music inspired by the most beloved Fairy Tales. From the tragic "Rusalka" (The Little Mermaid) by Dvorak, to Rossini's comic opera "La Cenerentola" (Cinderella), watch your favorite stories come to life.  Other works we will explore include Dukas’ "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", Puccini's "Turandot" and Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty".

Shakespeare and Music
William Shakespeare is one of the most celebrated and widely read authors in history. Throughout the ages, his works have inspired many composers to bring his words to life through music.  The works we will discuss span the Baroque through Contemporary, including Purcell's "Fairy Queen", Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet", Mendelssohn's "Midsummer Night's Dream", Tchaikovsky's "Hamlet", Verdi's "Macbeth", and more!

The Naughty Adventures of Mozart and Da Ponte
Three of the most famous operas in history, "The Marriage of Figaro", "Don Giovanni", and "Cosi fan tutte" were collaborations between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte.  In this class, we will explore the musical, social, and cultural context of these 18th Century operas.


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