Music Appreciation/Theory/Music Reading


These custom lessons are based on the level of the student, and personal interest. If you have ever wanted to play an instrument, or sing, but were scared to try- have no fear!


We'll be breaking down music into small sections to learn all about the notes and clefs, how to read music and rests, time and key signatures... and then we put it all together to learn how to sing very simple melodies (think of Do-A-Deer from The Sound of Music!).  If more interested in learning about classical music, we can focus on styles and history so when you go to concerts you know exactly what is going on!


CONTACT Jessica to discuss scheduling.


Clarinet Lessons


From young children to older adults, Jessica has worked with a variety of students teaching them how to express themselves through playing the clarinet.


Students will be assessed on their skills in reading music and clarinet playing and we will begin from there.  Any level is welcome. Lessons will include learning correct hand placement and proper embouchure for tone quality.  Students will learn the major and minor scales, play etudes, and learn solo works.  We will combine disciplined technique with the art of bringing your own voice to music!


CONTACT Jessica to discuss scheduling.

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